Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is before I comforted myself with Deleuze's "Anti-Oedipus."

The Mentor nodded. "I really like that you're trying to avoid ever using 'Speaking Bolshevik.' Sometimes someone finds the right way to phrase a phenomenon, and it's great, but then everyone feels like they need to give him credit, and...well. The unfortunate thing is that it is wholly imbued with hegemonic ideas of power.

"You know, he was given that project by Michel Foucault. I was unfortunately in Russia, then, when Foucault - we always called him that, just Foucault - when Foucault came to Berkeley. He told me about the encounter when I got back.

"They were in a bathroom together -- Foucault was shaving his head -- and Foucault said to him: 'Go to Russia, and find a location where a community was built from nothing. You'll find, there, the most distinctive expression of Soviet political imagination.'"

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