Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Character Sketch

Technological fetishism, as I have previously mentioned.

There is that individual who serves the technological revolution (sluzhit technologicheskoi revoliutsii). He tracks the updates of the digital devices. He charts his life in pixelated hues, and follows the university health center on Facebook. Just because he can. No one thinks to update the health center's profile. No one enters into a relationship with it. There are no scandalous pictures of the health center, sloshed, at a Baseball Bros and Female-Sports-Journalists-in-the-Lockerroom theme party.

The servant of the technological revolution is a dichotomous subject. At the same time he participates in such obsessive hoarding, he is a nihilist. The old model is become redundant. Destroy it. The update is available. Purchase it. Download. Consume. Devour the regurgitated contents spewn all over the office floor.

The servant of the technological revolution slowly enacts his vision upon the rest of the world. He's at a party thrown in his honor, and even as he hoards the drinks and presents awarded to him, he sits with the youngest, the sexiest, the most nubile. He sees no reason to consume any but the newest software patches.

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