Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funny How Things from 46 Years Ago Still Make Me Mad

There's nothing that says conservative-bred indoctrination like Johnson/Khrushchev-Era Cold War fearmongering!

Oh, kids. When will you learn - if you gripe about your ears of corn, we'll deport you to the GULAG? Consider the Communist, who has neither ears nor corn...

I'm actually more upset by the second interior page, just for the wild leaps of faulty causational logic it causes my brain to undergo:
Anti-Communist ideology
Where Communist = atheist
Means Anti-Communist = anti-atheist
Means US Ideology = pro-religion
Obviously that's the state of American ideology, and has been, and is, and likely shall be. Yet - still. Seeing such a slap in the face, couched in the terms of "freedom of conscience," stings.

"Nobody can control what you think" is my favorite line, for its intense and unintentional irony. "Nobody can control what you think," says the book of anti-Communist indoctrination.

Now go buy a rifle for the coming storm.

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