Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The World in Black and White

There are so many white people here.

I hesitate to say that. I usually try to stay within the lines of only covert social dissidence, never explicitly writing something politically incorrect or insensitive.

But there are so many white people here.

I'm honestly shocked. I was excited to come to a place with more diversity than small New England towns can provide; even Moscow, for all of its ethnic and international groups, has a lot of homogeneity.

But there are so many white people here.

Another girl in the program, who moved from Alabama, said that she's gotten more flak for her race here than she did down there. She said, "I guess when I talked on the phone to my realtor, she must have thought I was white."

She said, "When my husband - who is white - and I pulled up to the property, you could just see on her face: 'We were expecting you, but...not her.'"

She said, "Someone's already busted up my mailbox."

Honestly, what century do I live in?

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Anonymous said...

so very very many white people. Word.