Friday, May 22, 2009

The Best Laid Plans of [Sober] Mice and Men...

Yesterday, before 8 pm. A sober Andrew: "Oh, I have trivia tonight, but it always gets out at 10. I'll only have a beer and then I can study after it."

10:15. A drunk Andrew: "Screw French. Doctor Who!"

12:30. A closer-to-sober Andrew disposed towards self-embitterment: "Set the alarm for 6:30."

Cue nightmares and troubled sleep pattern.

6:30 am. A pre-coffee Andrew reviews grammar and syntax and morphology etc.

8 am. With still-untasted coffee in tow, Andrew pulls into A Lot. Thinks he has time to spare, as classes don't usually start until 8:10.

8:06. Walks into the class late.

8:07. Realizes an entire section is on vocab hasn't studied.

But it was so soft and fluffy! I didn't mean to hurt it...

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