Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Tell Myself Fairytales

The most recent guided visualization of my meditations:

Here is a ring. I take the ring, and I put it at the base of the foundations of a castle I am building up. The stones of this castle are made of adamantium, a material that hums with the frequency of fingers running along a piece of iron fence, but that never can break. These are stones that are cemented together with the glue of chapstick and magic saliva. The castle smells like slightly sunburnt flesh.

I sit inside the castle, and the ring thrums underneath my feet, and while I realize that no matter how strong a master builds his fortress against the oncoming storm, that stronghold always fails, as yet I prize the sanctuary it gives to me. The wind is a distant howling outside the walls.

The ring thrums beneath my feet.

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