Sunday, March 7, 2010

In all my frozen glory

Piccadilly Circus. Take away the bow and arrows, and you have a monument!

When I first got in to Liverpool Street Station, I didn't have any pounds. Pigeon offered to get me the Tube ticket rather than for us scouring the place for an ATM. Paying, she pulled her card from the machine too quickly. The salesman said, "Oh, you weren't to have done that" and Pigeon said, "Shiz, I always take it out too soon."

I laughed, and the teller smiled, likely thinking I was doing a 'that's what she said' joke (I actually am just now realizing that I missed that opportunity). I crowed: "You messed up, and he's still being nice to you! I can't believe it! A teller in Moscow would already be ripping you a new one..."

Culture shock? Yes. Stereotypical American? Yes. But I bet it was nice for all parties involved that I admitted the humanity of the seller and the buyer. That's at least what I'll tell myself.

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