Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let the awkward pedestrians run around the puddles

As I mentioned on the Facebook the other day, spring has come. It is exciting. Unfortunately, as it turns out, in all of their grand utopian city-building schemes, my architects forgot to include storm drains. This is confusing to me, as I'm in a city that has around a thousand years' experience with springtime flooding, a summertime climate that typically results in daily sunshowers, and rainy Novembers. There's a long parking lot that's about half of my walk to the metro, except the parking lot is now a swimming pool.

This morning there were two street cleaners who were standing at the opposite side of the pond from me. I was walking in the opposite direction so I didn't stay to watch (apparently this is the story of my life) but there's an image burnt into my memory of these two men, each unfolding a black industrial-strength garbage bag, sizing up the "puddle" in front of them...
And the water's flowing along the asphalt like a river
It's unclear to everyone passing by
Just why, on such a bad-weather day
I seem to be so happy...


Monica said...

That's very strange that they didn't put any drains in. I thought it was something everyone did. BTW, I like your new profile pic!!

S.H.S said...

but can you imagine what those sewers would smell like?

...and what creatures would live there?:)

I like the pic too. It makes we want to go buy a class of '09 ring or something.

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