Friday, February 12, 2010

It's a mohlett?

I was going to let Wif's comment go the other day but then my own mother sent me an email, asking: "Who's your friend?" (in the picture about the stranger walking in synch with me.) So I must explain: I wasn't in the photo!

That picture's actually me being a creeper last summer - I didn't have a mullet yet, and I knew people who didn't believe me when I said that Russians like the khvost [tail, or, figuratively, mullet]. I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph to guys acting their parts: the white, blond kid dressed all in white; the dark skinned, black haired guy wearing a black suit. Colonialist angels and demons...

Anyway. I hope you haven't forgotten what I look like (or that you'd look to the right if you did), but I decided that since there have been some variations on the theme lately I'd share some emo-kid-self-taken-photographs. (The only redeeming grace, in my mind, is that there is no bathroom mirror in either.)

I had a mustache for the first twenty-five days of the New Year.

I upgraded my mullet for a korotkii, shirokii irokez [a wide, short mohawk.] I think it looks like the fashion mullet I've always wanted.


Stacey said...

Haha, now I feel bad for thinking that was you in the photo. But come on - your own mother did the same thing!!! And from the back, that guy fits the Frozen Icarus feature checklist: dark hair? check. in a mullet? check. nattily dressed in a dark suit? check.

My response to your current, actually-you photos? #1 - Is good attempt at 'stache, but is too much for me to handle. #2 - this, I love. Stick with this, kid. I even give you permission to wear it this way for the wedding!

Andrew said...

Touche. And you might live to regret this invitation. Mwahahaha