Sunday, November 1, 2009


A lot of pictures for you because I haven't been very good about uploading any for a while.

We celebrated Halloween at American Embassy 2.0.

A word to the wise: the overarching philosophy was that a successful costume is both sexy and scary. I'll let you choose for yourself who has the best costume.

A second word: I didn't manage to take very many pictures because I (wisely) put my (very expensive) camera into its protective bag before the night wore on too long.

A third word: cross-polination.

Even my new mullet made an appearance.

Can you tell which is Briullov and which is a Russian dissident superstar? I can't.

With Madame de Pompadour. Just a few days ago she told me that she thought her character in the blog was too boring and I should spice her (the character-construct) up; I'll do my best.

(Unfortunately as the night wore on my fake blood, which started out looking very juicy and disgusting, began to look more and more like tomato juice.)

It was very gracious of Bill-and-Pete, Briullov, and Jude to host us. En masse, however, I'm afraid their costumes rather look like a horrific and sadistic perversion of Sesame Street.

We have no souls.


Vracha mozhno trogat' (the Russian words written on my costume) - You may touch the doctor.


Justin said...


you have all the features of a Russian now!

Stacey said...

Damnit. (He beat me to it.)

Andrew said...

haha. Guys! You're forgetting - I have facial hair!

I seriously lol'ed in the middle of the cafe, though.