Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Never-ending Quest to Save My Girlfriend!

I'm sick of gold stars. Let's give a sickle to whoever knows the titular quote. Heh heh. I said titular.

Before I do that - I've been requested to have a Russian word of the day. It's hard for me to think of good, or funny ones, but I'll do my best.

My own quest reminds me of a Soviet story, The Twelve Chairs, in which an adventurist (Russian: avantiurist) searches for a set of (you guessed it) twelve chairs, taken from an old aristocrat's palace, in one of which the family jewels (laugh all you want) are hidden. The quest takes Ostap Bender and his compatriot throughout Russia, Bender gets married, they try to buy chairs at an auction but don't have enough money, they try to fill a ravine in the south, Bender dies, there's a cannibal who speaks a grand total of 30 words...

It's a quest. My quest, equally hard, apparently, is to find a single electric teapot (I could buy a teapot and boil water in the small kitchen in the dorm, but such is admitting defeat). IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I have gone to every mall and department store (univermag) within the circle line (well, that's a lie, but I have been to quite a few) as well as to every place my mentor's family has recommended to me; none. Not a one. I don't understand it, because this is something that every familyi has! Surely this isn't something that was mass produced at perestroika, and no longer...

Russian word of the day:

elektrichny chainik: electric teapot, as in: U vas ne budet elektrichnogo chainika? (Might there be any electric teapots here?)
-Niet. (No.)

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Justin said...

It would be cheating for me to guess, I think. Good luck with the teapot search. I know it is more important to you than ____'s girlfriend.

PS: is that the book I'm supposed to take out of the library and read before you get back?