Monday, September 28, 2009

Vinnie Pookh, They Call Him Here

Saturday, September 19
State Park-Museum "Tsaritsyno"
National Honey Festival

I bought a 150 g. tub for just under 200 rubles (about $6.60). I've been having green tea with honey cause my throat's been hurting, and then bread with honey for doesn't look like I've even touched it. Bueno.


miod - honey

PS. I know there is a new season of Top Chef. If anyone reveals a single detail about it to me before I get a chance to watch it, I will make you into honey. Or possibly a nice quiche. Capisce?


Justin said...
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Justin said...

Mead! That's a good indo-european word right there.

Patrick said...

So I've gone this far back to try and figure out why you started signing your name ROD. At this point i give up, and I'm hoping you will just tell me, however, i do feel necessary to call you a piece of crap due to the fact we bet on the last season of top chef! I kicked you and Kyle's asses with my excellent choice of Stefan. You bitches both owe me money, however, I've come to terms with the fact that i will never see a dime....JERK