Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Gagarin Square

The monument to Yury Gagarin, first man in space, from the square in his name, just down the street from my dorm. I played with the glow and saturation of this a little bit to make it look like a Brezhnev-era movie poster...I can see it. Can you see it? Some tall, cursive letters screaming the title in a diagonal along the bottom left, and in the role of Gagarin himself, written in the branches above the statue's head, the main character's name...soon in a theater near you.


Monica said...

Very nice picture. I see it! I see it! No...no, I don't really see it because I have no idea what a Brezhnev-era movie poster looks like...sorry :( But, it's still a very nice picture :)

Patrick said...

Awesome, i was marveling at commie statues such as this in bulg this summer.