Friday, October 16, 2009

Variations on a Theme

The Theme

First Variation

Keep the sound on so you can hear the music, but the language isn’t important. It’s a cartoon! You’ll get it.

Second Variation

I’ve been debating writing about this for a while, and will keep it relatively short. I have an existential crisis (get the squirtgun!) every time I hear about my logorrheic prolixity or hear the phrase: “I don’t understand anything you write on the blog.” That means I cannot communicate, which means that this blog is worthless.

Third Variation

But only from the point of view of it being a nastoiashchii [pure, true, “clean”] travel blog. Which brings me to another existential crisis – should I change my style to Hemingway to make the reader-construct happy? This would have two consequences:
1. I would have to stop my pretentious art-d-baggery posts.
2. My main slice, Hemingway, may write in a syntax that’s easier to understand than mine, but he doesn’t write about internal emotions, so if I write like him I will write nothing, as all I write are internal-state changes.
The first makes me decidedly unhappy, and the reader-construct inside my head dislikes the second corollary.

Fourth Variation

Please don’t ask me to stop writing and only to put up pictures. If I give up any part of this blog, it will be the travelogue part, which I find harder to write anyway.

Fifth Variation

Watch the Icarus cartoon again. It makes me happy. Two weeks until I see a different Icarus!

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Justin said...

RE: The Third

I like your writing.
But of course I'm insane.