Thursday, June 18, 2009

White Trash Morning

Let's see how y'all do on this question from trivia last night:

Sharing its name with a long, skinny fish, what long, skinny hairstyle is stereotypically associated with white trash?*

Last night's question has unfortunately set the tone for today's sitting on the couch, riffing on an acoustic guitar and watching three hours of Wrecks to Riches. Awesome. I can't wait to get a Russian haircut.

Evidence that TV sucks up the nation's intelligence: I put the guitar back in its case and was looking around everywhere for the pick. Searched under the pillows, shook out the throw blanket, checked under the couch - nothing. I sat back down to watch more TV and regroup, and finally realized where the pick was. I had set it like a pencil behind my ear.

Evidence that TV sucks up the nation's intelligence, part II: Apparently it is so hard to use a traditional or laser level that we need an infomercial for a GIGANTOR LEVEL OF DOOM™

I think it looks like it has red wine on the inside. Maybe you can pop that sucker open and take a swig when you're having problems getting your project level.

* One answer will get you full points; another possibility, according to Micaela's rules, only gets you 1 pt. ;)


Monica, Paul, and kids said...

My answer would have to be--mullet.

Is your throw blanket a snuggie? If not, you are so getting one for Christmas. jk!!

I haven't seen the infomercial for that gigantic level. What's wrong with a regular level?

Have fun with the rest of your white trash day!

Andrew said...

I have a good story about snuggies, but it's long so I'll wait until we see each other next. :D

For now, please enjoy this clip making fun of the snuggie:

And the infomercial's claim is that the bubble on a regular level is "So small I need glasses to see it!" And then the actor bangs his head on a piece of wood because he had to peer so closely at the level he got himself wedged into a corner...oh, it was glorious.

Monica, Paul, and kids said...

I've seen that youtube clip before. Paul showed it to me a while ago. It is hilarious!

I can't wait to hear your snuggie story.

So, did I get the answer right? I said the answer was a mullet.

Andrew said...

Oh no! That's what my team said...good only for one point...I'll say the real answer tomorrow in case anyone else wants to give a try at answering.

Monica, Paul, and kids said...

I have another guess to your trivia question--rattail.

Andrew said...

win! haha. did Paul know that? - none of us had ever heard of a "rat tail" fish before...

Monica, Paul, and kids said...


No, Paul didn't know the answer. He had never heard of a mullet fish before either.

I spent quite a bit of time on google tring to find fishes that had the same name as white trash hairstyles! lol!!

The rat tail fish is UGLY!! Well, at least certain ones.